I have been Head teacher at Overstone Primary school since September 2014. I taught at the school for many years prior to this and I feel that it is so important that the school remains a central part of the village community. My entire career has been in Northamptonshire, which is where I trained. My specialism was PE and I am always keen to engage pupils in extracurricular opportunities. The wider the range of activities we can introduce to children, the more opportunities they have to discover interests and activities which they enjoy. For example, we have taken part in the Northampton Junior Strictly dancing competition for a few years now and have enjoyed great success. As a result of this, many of our pupils now enjoy dance as a new hobby which is fantastic.


My family and I moved to the village in 2010.  I have two children currently at Overstone Primary and another that has gone onto Moulton Secondary having enjoyed her primary school education at Overstone.   I worked for 20 years in the manufacturing industry, then I made a career change in 2015 and am now a primary school teacher myself.  I work part time at Standens Barn Primary school.  I believe that my previous experiences in the private sector and now my role as a classroom teacher allow me to support Overstone Primary School in a professional manner and as a parent of children who attend the school.  I am part of the Teaching, Learning and Safeguarding committee.  With any spare time I get I enjoy running and catching up with friends.


Having experienced a variety of Governing bodies at my own children’s schools, I chose to become a Governor at a school where I had no attachment to and could look at all aspects of the school impartially.

Choosing Overstone Primary was an instant decision for me. I immediately liked the feel of the school, its ethos and all those involved seemed happy to be there!

As my role in Financial Services sees me talking ‘all things money’ – a position on the Resources Committee with a close eye on budgets seemed an obvious choice.  I have a keen interest in how Numeracy is taught in school but, I am also keen to follow my passion for all things musical.  At Overstone, the children have a range of musical opportunities which are always a pleasure to watch and I enjoy seeing how music is delivered throughout the school.


I have been a governor here at Overstone since 1993 and was chair of Governors from 2014 to 2018. I serve on the Resources committee and served on the Finance and the Premises and H&S committees that predated it. I also serve on the Performance ManagementCommittee, and as the School’s Rep on The Local Playing Field Association.

Work - I have worked for over 30 years as a psychiatric nurse till retiring in 2019.

Religion - a Quaker for many years now.

Politics - definitely - ask me about politics at your own risk!

I live in the eastern district in Northampton, where many of our children come from, although when at primary school I also attended a small village school. To me it is very important that small village schools like ours and what they can provide should not be lost. I value what we have at Overstone, particularly our school community.


I joined the Governing Body at Overstone in 2014. I am a solicitor in a local firm in Northampton specialising in agricultural property transactions. I enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors, whether running, cycling or pottering around my garden. I am currently the head of the Resources Committee and the governor with responsibility for PE and Sports Premium. I have a particular interest in PE and health and am working with the Headteacher to bring new ideas to Overstone to move this area forward. 


I have been a Governor of Overstone Primary School since 2003, and was Chair from 2009 to 2013.  I am a Community Governor and Safeguarding and Literacy Governor.  Before retiring, I worked as a manager in Human Resources in the Health Service and Local Government, involved mainly in Performance Management and Recruitment.   I also trained managers in these areas. I have a diploma as a Member of Personnel and Development and an M.A. in Human Resource Management.  At Overstone Primary I am a member of the Teaching, Learning and Safeguarding Committee and am a performance management governor for the Headteacher.  I have participated in Learning Walks for reading and writing.  Once a week I go into the school to hear Class 3 children read. I am also interested in the activities the children are involved in i.e. Strictly Come Dancing, Rose Day.


I joined Overstone Primary in April 2002 and have been a staff governor since then.  During this time I have been on many of the committees and currently I’m on the Teaching, Learning and Safeguarding committee.   Over the years I have seen many changes within the school and have enjoyed being part of the continual growth and development.

My roles within the school are: senior teacher, maths subject leader and I’m one of the designated safeguarding leads. I’m also the educational visits coordinator and the Initial Teacher Training lead, which involves overseeing the training of students from Northampton University within the school.

Ellen Higgs


My 2 children attended Overstone Primary School and have now moved on to local secondary
schools. I am chair of the Teaching, Learning and Safeguarding Committee and have a particular focus on geography and history at the moment, as well as being the governor with responsibility for pupil premium. I regularly visit school, often help out on trips and I used to help with swimming lessons. I spent many years working in a big organisation leading large-scale major change projects but decided to take a break whilst my children were small to spend time with my family and renovate our home. I am currently working part-time at a local secondary school whilst juggling parental taxi duties!


I have 11 years’ experience of working as a primary school teacher, during which I have had the opportunity to teach in all year groups, giving me a clear awareness of the requirements across the primary phase. I firmly believe that primary school is the perfect setting to encourage children to become enthusiastic learners and create wonderful memories to last a lifetime. I have completed my MA in Education and have a real interest in the way the curriculum is structured to provide rich learning opportunities for all learners and as a mechanism for raising academic standards. As a mum of two young boys, I am also passionate about the importance of mental health and developing emotionally intelligent and resilient children. I am a good listener, patient and methodical with good communication skills. When making important decisions, I always consider the consequences and listen to the opinions of others. Working in partnership is something that has been central to my role as a teacher and something I feel provides the greatest opportunity for achieving shared values and goals. I therefore feel I would be able to offer a wide range of skills as parent governor and would work hard to provide the best opportunities for our children and the school.

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I have over ten years’ experience in Primary education around Northamptonshire, the majority of which as a key stage two teacher, so I am familiar with the relevant issues and challenges that schools face. As Overstone Primary continues to grow, I will have some of the expe

riences of larger schools to share to support our own successful growth.

Prior to teaching, I worked in trend analysis and forecast modelling for a major kitchen supplier, leading a team supporting manufacturing, buying, marketing and sales departments to optimise their efficiency and keep supply chain costs down. I developed customised modelling tools for the company, as well as adapting and optimising tools such as Excel and Access to support analysis of large sets of data and presentation of findings and results. The data sets in schools tend to be smaller, but I have found these skills useful for a wide range of analysis tasks in educational settings.

I also have many years experience running small to mid-sized improvisational theatre events, providing creative as well as logistical leadership to groups of volunteers, across multiple days at sites around the country.


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