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Online Safety at Overstone Primary School

The safety of our children at Overstone Primary School is always a priority for all of our staff. This of course includes keeping safe when going online and our aim is to ensure pupils are given the support and education to make the right choices to keep themselves safe.  

We know that the internet is an exciting and engaging place for children to learn and play. We are very keen to work together with you by sharing the work we do in this area, so that you are able to follow this up at home with your children by talking to them about what they have been learning at school. Below is a summary of the planned online safety themes that will be covered over the year. We will also keep you updated of any additional Online Safety news and events as they occur

Over the course of the academic year, every year group in Key Stages 1 and 2 will experience 12 lessons of Digital Citizenship (two per half term). Children in the Foundation Stage will experience 6 lessons during the academic year, one each half term.



Assembly Theme

Autumn 1

Managing Online Information

Online Reputation

Autumn 2

Privacy and Security

Online Reputation

Spring 1

Online Bullying


Spring 2

Health, Well-Being and Lifestyle

Copyright and Ownership

Summer 1

Self-Image and Identity

Copyright and Ownership

Summer 2

Online Relationships

Keeping Safe Online during the Holiday

In addition to our curriculum focus of Online Safety and Digital Citizenship, we will also have 6 assemblies per academic year that will focus on Internet Safety. These assemblies will be differentiated across the Key Stages. Safer Internet Day will also be celebrated in school with assemblies and follow-up activities.

Key Stage 1 pupils learn SID's top tips for staying safe online

Key Stage 2 pupils learn Being SMART rules 

A key message from CEOP (National Crime Agency) is that if a child ever gets that “Uh Oh” or “Uncomfortable” feeling about anything they see online, they should tell an adult they trust. We will take any concerns that are shared with us extremely seriously and we will always follow our Online Safety Procedures that are outlined in our Online Safety policy.

If you have any concerns regarding the wellbeing or safety of our children, please contact the school and speak to either Mr Casey or Miss Dawson. You can also contact CEOP directly at www.ceop.police.uk to obtain further advice or to make a report to the police.  You will find a link to this at the bottom of our school website homepage.

The websites below provide useful information for parents

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